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Diffusion Bonded Compact Heat Exchanger (DCHE)

Kobe Steel Ltd..

Reason for selection:
DCHE is a heat exchanger made of several hundred stainless steel plates, each with flow passages etched, which are securely diffusion-bonded for unification. DCHE has excellent pressure and temperature resistance and is gaining popularity for uses on offshore facilities with restricted space where compactness is required and in high-pressure and severe operating environments.
One of the applications is gas condenser for the compressor of a hydrogen station and gas condenser for the hydrogen dispenser. Compactness is a very important factor since it is necessary to efficiently cool hydrogen of approximately 800 atm with water and coolant, and DCHE is installed in the premises of a gasoline station. In addition, the Heat Exchanger must have strong resistance against hydrogen embrittlement since high-pressure hydrogen is handled. DCHE, made of SUS316L with increased Ni content, has created new demand for stainless steel and is considered to be a device to further hydrogen society.

Stainless steel type used: SUS316L

Consumption: 150kg /units

 Presenter: Nippon Yakin Kogyo Co., Ltd.