Award winner
Hydrogen Fueling Receptacle in the Toyota MIRAI Fuel Cell Vehicle
 Applicant: Toyota Motor Corporation
Reason for selection:
The material for the hydrogen dispenser nozzle for MIRAI, a fuel-cell vehicle, is required to have mechanical properties free from effects of high-pressure hydrogen and to have high strength for weight reduction.The automaker and the material supplier concerned focused on stainless steel capable of withstanding high-pressure hydrogen and retaining high ductility in an environment of high-pressure hydrogen gas. The stainless steel grades selected were cold rolled to enhance their strength and to improve their surface hardness, and at the same time attention was paid to maintain their workability. Through such efforts, the parties have succeeded in lowering costs and reducing the product weight.
Stainless steel types used: SUS316, SUS316 Equivalent.

Consumption:  Approx. 500g /piece