Award winner
Nakameguro Ventilation Plant Installed along the Chuo Loop of the Tokyo Metropolitan Highway
Reason for selection:
Nakameguro Ventilation Plant of the Tokyo Metropolitan Highway is installed over the tunnel running under the Meguro River and the Yamanote Street – a chic section of the City. Since the material for the Plant was required to be aesthetic and durable, a weather-resistant ferritic stainless steel grade was selected. Particularly for louvers and fixtures which are placed at lower parts of the Plant and visible to the public, sand blast-finished SUS445J1 with excellent designability is used and satisfies local residents’ request that “the Plant should be harmonious with the surrounding buildings” and “the Plant should also be harmonious with the strolling path along the Meguro River”.
In addition, SUS445J1 is adopted for the shutters for the Plant’s emergency exits. Nakameguro Ventilation Plant is located close to Tokyo Bay and therefore exposed to a severely corrosive environment. The shutters need to be reliable and fully operative all the time, and cannot fail due to rust or other causes in case of emergency.
The City’s infrastructures built half a century ago are now antiquated and repair and renewal works are under way so as to complete their improvement in time for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics/Paralympics. The adoption of stainless steel for this Plant will serve as an empirical proof of the metal’s aesthetic and durable aspects and contribute to upgrade social infrastructures.
Stainless steel type used: SUS445J1

Consumption: Approx. 31 tons

Presenter: Nisshin Steel Co., Ltd.