Award winner
Grommet Gasket for Innovative Diesel Engine
Reason for selection:
To develop a diesel engine with superb fuel efficiency and environment-friendliness is a must to enhance international competitiveness of the Japanese automotive industry.  A new type of diesel engine designed for an innovative car for global strategy puts higher loads on the gasket than conventional engines, demanding better sealing performance and reliability. With a new gasket structure devised, required sealing performance was attained but as higher loads were placed on the grommet plate, annealed stainless steel sheets of such conventional grades as SUS304 and SUS403 were cracked. Also, cold rolled stainless steel products with higher strength lacked plasticity and were found unfit for gasket manufacture. Thus, materials with both strength and plasticity were sought. The grades newly developed this time are annealed and as such have elongation of 40% and are fit for processing. In addition, with crystalized grain miniaturized, they have the enduring force of more than 600MPa and besides, surface damage in the bending process is reduced and wear resistance is excellent as well. A series of new developments achieved this time have dramatically improved the function of stainless steel gasket, which in turn has helped launch an innovative diesel engine.

Stainless steel type used: SUS301L Equivalent, SUS301, etc.

Consumption: 0.2kg /piece