Award winner
NS Cover Plate
Reason for selection:
NS Cover Plate, with highly durable and painted stainless steel used for the exterior, serves both as permanent cover and scaffolding for such structures as elevated bridges.
The Cover Plates protect highway and railway bridges as well as those built over the sea from such deteriorating factors as wind and rain, sunlight and salt, contributing to extending the lives of these structures. In addition, the Cover Plates work as permanent scaffoldings to enable visual inspections from close distance and ensure safety.
Stainless steel used as the material is expected to last 100 years and will greatly contribute to extending the lives of infrastructures, which is a social need, and to facilitating maintenance.
The adoption of SUS430J1L, a ferritic grade, has enabled the parties concerned (1) to attain sufficient corrosion resistance, (2) to attain linear expansion ratio similar to that of carbon steel and (3) to enjoy stable costs. Furthermore, fluorine resin painting is deemed to further enhance the durability of the Covers and to harmonize them with surrounding landscapes where necessary.

Stainless steel types used: SUS430J1L (painted with fluorine resin)

Consumption: 21,200kg

Presenter:Nippon Steel & Sumikin Stainless Steel Corporation.