Award winner
Kyoto National Museum Heisei Chishinkan
 Applicant: Tokyo Stainless Steel Grinding LTD.,NIITAKASEISAKUSYO CO., LTD..
Reason for selection:
In order to have stainless steel used for the interior and the entrance section of Heisei Chishinkan of Kyoto National Museum, high designability to harmonize with the main building was a critical requirement.
As the first step of manufacture, super-flat stainless steel plates were put through primary surface polishing technique called EGR, then mirror-finished and finally beads-blasted for gdeep tone mirrorh finish. These processes have provided an aesthetic appearance befitting the Museum which represents Japan and also has given an expression to harmonize nicely with Japanese-style space creation.
The products were made through technical collaboration of the companies concerned and excel as materials to contribute to the beauty of the building displaying our countryfs traditional artistic works.The adoption of the products has expanded the designability potential of stainless steel and has impressed many people with its aesthetic features.

Stainless steel type used: SUS304

Consumption: 20,000kg

PPresenter: Nippon Steel & Sumikin Stainless Steel Corporation.