Award winner
Residential Energy Storage System
 Applicant: NEC Corporation
Reason for selection:
Since the Great East Japan Earthquake of 2011, Japanfs power situations have entered a period of drastic changes.
The residential energy storage system offered by NEC has attracted attention as a smart system to store electricity without waste and use it when needed. For example, if consumers store electricity of lower rates offered in midnight and use it when needed, they can reduce their electricity charges. In addition, such electricity storage/usage contributes to decreasing the peak demand in their communities. Also they can use the system as a backup for emergency in case blackout occurs.
To promote the use of the Residential Energy Storage System, low price and high quality are essential conditions. SUS443J1 used in the System is a superb material, which does not contain nickel, a rare metal, and is not only low and stable in terms of price but also has corrosion resistance at least equal to or better than the conventionally used SUS304.The System made with SUS443J1, a resource-saving and environment-friendly material, will continue to maximize energy resources in the future.

Stainless steel type used: SUS443J1

Consumption: Quantity used to date: 350tons

Presenter: JFE Steel Corporation