Award winner
Roof of The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Kyoto
Reason for selection:
The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Kyoto is located near the Nijo-Ohashi Bridge crossing the Kamogawa River in Kyoto and creates an extremely refined atmosphere where modernity and tradition fuse.
Kyoto, with 17 world heritage sites, has strict landscape ordinances regulating the heights and designs of buildings. Against this background, the Hotelfs Roof is patterned after Japanfs traditional building technique of Sukiya-construction and the ferritic SUS445J2 sand-blasted provides a gmatt-looking finishh. The rectilinear roof and eave with horizontally-laid panels blend nicely in the landscape facing thirty mountains of Higashiyama, harmonize with the townscape of Kyoto and are well appreciated by hotel guests and strollers.The parties concerned worked and succeeded in sandblasting the ferritic roofing stainless steel of 0.4 mm in thickness, which had been previously deemed difficult, and in meeting requirements of various parties including the owner, designer and builder. The parties have contributed in providing the Hotel with flavors of genuine Japanese architecture to match the city of Kyoto.

Stainless steel type used: SUS445J2

Consumption: 28,000kg

Presenter: Nisshin Steel Co., Ltd..