Award winner
Stainless Steel Band for Fixing Pipes
 Applicant: Comax Inc..
Reason for selection:
Hot-dip coated steel was conventionally used for the band to fix the life-line pipes laid in the common ditch, which had some problems including productfs susceptibility to deterioration due to corrosion and incurrence of maintenance costs. Thus, the parties concerned introduced maintenance-free SUS304 stainless steel bands. These are in line with the gproduct-life extension initiativesh promoted by the national government.  First, stainless steel coils of optimal thicknesses and widths were picked, then slit and processed in order to minimize material losses. The parties were also able to compensate for the dimensional defects of the base (concrete) with the dimension of the band, thus meeting requirements of the onsite workers and achieving short-time delivery. In addition, unnecessary onsite costs (including labor costs to adjust dimensions through the use of spacer and related materials costs) were saved and with burdens on workers lessened, the project is in progress as planned. The main feature of the stainless steel bands is a drastic overall cost reduction through lowered maintenance costs in the coming years and increased worker productivity. In the future, construction of common ditches extending approximately 240 km is planned nationwide and demand for SUS304 products is likely to rise, enabling the parties to make further social contribution.

Stainless steel types used: SUS304

Consumption: Approx. 12.1kg /pieces.

Presenter: Nippon Steel & Sumikin Stainless Steel Corporation.