Special Award winner
Migakiya Syndicate Double Layer Beer Tumbler (Diamond Cut Finish)
Applicants: Yoshikawa Corporation.

Reason for selection:
Tsubame City of Niigata Prefecture is well-known for its traditional industry of making stainless steel kitchen utensils led by tableware. Maximizing technologies accumulated over the years, the local Chamber of Commerce formed the Polishersf Syndicate, a specialist group of metal polishers.
Products made by elite craftsmen of the Syndicate enjoy a high reputation and particularly stainless steel tumblers are favored by leading beverages makers as attractions for their promotional campaigns and by many other types of customers nationwide as commemorative gifts for various occasions.
Of such tumblers, superbly designed tumblers of diamond patterns, combined with the beauty of nano-level polishing by the craftsmen, create an elegant atmosphere.
The inner surface of the tumbler is finished with special polishing, which helps generate creamy bubbles and draw out the original taste of beer.

Stainless steel type used: SUS304
Consumption: 205g /pieces.
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