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JFE Steel Corporation

Resource-saving type high corrosion-resistant ferritic stainless steels
(JFE443CT, JFE445M)


JFE443CT containing 21% Cr has equivalent or higher corrosion resistance to SUS304. Because Ni and Mo are not added, its price is stable even when the price of Ni and Mo soars. JFE443CT corresponds to SUS443J1 in JIS (Japanese Industrial Standards).
JFE445M is high corrosion-resistant ferritic stainless steel with less Mo content than SUS444. It is suitable for hot water tank etc

Application Hardware for buildings and constructions, industrial machines, pans, parts for electric devices and automobiles, pipes, etc.

High formability ferritic stainless steels
(JFE430UD, JFE430XT, JFE443CT etc.)

Feature JFE has a wide variety of ferritec stainless steels with high formability and ridging resistance, made by optimized chemical composition and manufacturing process. These are suitable for press formed parts.
Application Pans, parts for electric devices, hardware for buildings and constructions, industrial machines, parts for automobiles, pipes, etc.

Cold-tandem mill products for specific functional needs
(SUS430, JFE430XT, JFE439L, JFE443CT etc.)

Feature Cold-tandem mill products have high cost performance because it is efficiently produced by cold-roll and anneal facilities of the plain carbon steels.
It is suitable for the functional applications (corrosion resistance, heat resistance, etc.), which are not generally visible and for painted use, for replacement of galvanized steels.
Application Parts for automobiles, parts for electric devices, hardware for buildings and constructions, industrial machines, pans, pipes, etc.

Resource-saving type highly heat-resistant stainless steel for automobiles(JFE-TF1)


JFE-TF1 has equivalent or higher heat-resistance to SUS444 and high formability. Because Mo is not contained, its price is stable even when the price of Mo soars. The steel is durable in high temperature exhaust gas, and then contributes to weight saving of automobile and reducing CO2. It is suitable for heat-resistant use such as electric products and industrial machines.

Application Automobile exhaust gas parts (exhaust manifold, converter case), parts for high temperature, etc

Wide stainless steel foils (JFE20-5USR, SUS430, JFE30-2 etc.)

Feature Applying excellent wide foil cold-rolling technology, JFE are able to supply foils with 1000mm in width (thickness of greater than 40 m). In width of equal of less than 430 mm, the foils with thickness of equal to or less than 20m can be provided. .
Application Substrates of catalytic converter for automobiles, motorcycles and industrial machines. Parts for solar battery, fuel cell, etc..