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- AICHI STEEL CORPORATION - Sanyo Special Steel Co., Ltd.
- JFE Steel Corporation - Sumitomo Metals (Naoetsu), LTD.
- Nippon Steel & Sumikin Stainless Steel Corporation - Daido Steel Co.,Ltd.

1 NSS442M3 Mo-free corrosion resistant ferritic stainless steel
Feature - A ferritic stainless steel type developed for such exposed automotive applications as upscale side moldings where atmospheric corrosion resistance is required.
- The basic composition of 19Cr-0.5Cu-Nb gives the steel adequate atmospheric corrosion resistance as well as corrosion resistance at welds.
- With rising Ni prices, the steel is widely used as a substitute for SUS304 depending on applications.
Application Outer panels and tanks for oil-based water heaters, home electric products including drums of washing machines and automotive components such as exhaust systems and side moldings.
2 NSS445M2 Mo-saving highly corrosion resistant ferritic stainless steel
Feature - The combined addition of Ti, Nb and Al to the basic composition of 22Cr-1.1Mo gives the steel extra corrosion resistance at welds.
- SUS444 with 2% Mo is often used for hot water-related applications in severe corrosive environment but NSS445M2 is equal or superior to SUS444 in corrosion resistance.
- With excellent atmospheric corrosion resistance, the steel has been used for roofing materials of a number of buildings in the water front areas, replacing the conventional SUS316.
Application Roofing and exterior panels in the water front areas, water heater tanks.
3 NSS SCR Stress corrosion resistant austenitic stainless steel
Feature - An austenitic stainless steel type with Si and Cu added to the basic composition of 19Cr-12Ni-0.8Mo for improved resistance against stress corrosion cracking.
- With Mn lowered and Mo added, the steel is as strong as SUS316 against crevice corrosion.
- Since there is not much growth of oxidized scale at welds, the steel has excellent corrosion resistance at these parts.
Application Water heaters tanks, other tanks and containers, and indoor piping.
4 NSS431DP-2 High-strength dual phase stainless steel
Feature - The steel has the basic composition of 16Cr-2Ni and presents the ferritic-martensitic dual phase structure.
- With fine dual phase structure, the steel has small anisotropy and excellent balance of strength and ductility.
- No quenching and tempering are required and the spring limit value of approx. 1,500N/mm2 may be obtained with a short aging treatment.
Application Frames, spring stock, automotive components such as brake master keys and metal gaskets.
5 Functional pre-coated stainless steel sheets
Feature - Stainless steel sheets with various functions are lined up, including transparent-coated stainless steel sheets where designability of stainless steel is maximized and stainless steel sheets with lubricant film of good formability.
- Transparent-coated stainless steel sheets have excellent anti-fingerprint and anti-stain properties, and pearl-colored film may be applied as a variation.
- Stainless steel sheets with lubricant film of good formability enable customers to eliminate protective film and/or press oil.
Application [ Transparent-coated stainless steel sheets ]
Outer panels of consumer electric products, audio and video devices, office automation devices and steel furniture.
[ Stainless steel sheets with lubricant film of good formability ]
Gas oven burners, water heater burners, and a number of automotive components such as door sliders.