Product forms and producers
Forms of stainless steel products
Other products include forgings and castings.
Forgings are made by pressing or otherwise processing ingots/billets at high temperatures. Casting processes includes molding and hardening (to provide strength and toughness to the product).
Sand molds are usually employed to make castings and the products include regular, shell-mold, precision and centrifugal castings.
To distinguish these products from other types of stainless steel, the symbol SCS is used instead of SUS.
Producers Product form
Nippon Steel & Sumikin Stainless Steel Corporation Rebar
JFE Steel Corporation Checkers, forgings
NIPPON YAKIN KOGYO CO.,LTD. Checkers, forgings
Sanyo Special Steel Co.,Ltd. Extrusion-deformed products
Daido Steel Co.,Ltd. Deformed bars, forgings, castings, rebar