The Presentation Ceremony of the17th JSSA Awards for Excellent Products / Components was held in Tokyo on March 27, 2018 where winning entries (12 in total in for different categories) were recognized.

Project name Applicants
Winner of the Highest Award (one)

Turbine Housing(CK-SMiTH)

Caisonic Kansei Corporation

Award winners (nine)
Duplex Stainless Steel Gate Facilities for Tsunami Disaster Prevention Tohoku Branch, Hitachi Zosen Corporation
Duplex Stainless Steel Distribution Reservoirs  (Yonago Distribution Reservoirs) Morimatsu Industry Co., Ltd.,.
SOx Scrubber Tower Mitsubishi Kakoki Kaisha, Ltd.
Toriide Naruto (metal roof) GANTAN BEAUTY INDUSTRY CO., LTD.
GINZA SIX (Outer Panels) Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation
Home Delivery Boxes for Single-Family Houses

NASTA Co., Ltd.

Retainers made with High-Purity Ferritic Stainless Steel Wire Namitakiko Co., Ltd.
Application of Stainless Steel for Dori-kamu Foundation-Making Method (Foundations for Solar Panel Mounts) TOMIYASU Co., LTD.
Stainless Steel Supplies for Pigpens Comax Inc.
Winner of the Special Award (one) 
Art Works of Stainless Steel Wire by Ms. Kyoko Kumai PLUTUS CORPORATION
Distinguished Service Award for Promoting Stainless Steel (one)
The Pterosaur’s Egg –Stainless Steel is Artists’ Paint for Architecture”(A book about stainless steel)  Sakagami Naoya&Art Associates Yata